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Need Scaffolding Services in Dartford? Call Our Experts Now!

Ability Scaffolding are available to supply construction sites in Dartford and the surrounding areas of Kent and Central London with superior scaffolding services. Regarded as one of the leading scaffolding companies in the area, our 25 years of experience in the industry is reflected in the high-quality customer service we deliver. When you use our scaffolding hire team, you can be confident that our scaffolding erectors are fully trained to handle any job.


Our company’s mission is to provide customers in Dartford with a clear idea of how our scaffolding services will benefit them. This includes a breakdown of our competitive prices and a detailed action plan of the scaffolding hire we recommend. We also think it’s important to share with you what our scaffolding is made from. Here, we take a closer look at some of the vital components our scaffolding erectors put into place.


Poles and Tubes

Pick between lightweight aluminium and heavier steel scaffolding for construction projects in Dartford. Your choice will obviously depend on the project you’re considering scaffolding hire for, and the weight of the load you need our scaffolding to support. Tubular steel is just as adjustable as aluminium, and both materials can be erected to the height you need.



Couplers are used to join the poles and tubes together at right angles, reinforcing the framework against the weight of construction materials and workers accessing the scaffolding. Couplers are usually made from pressed or drop-forged steel and can be zinc-plated to keep for a more robust construction that is safe and stable.



We can offer supported scaffolding hire for your Dartford property, which includes ‘single scaffolding’ (structures connected to the property) or ‘double scaffolding’ (detached from the wall). Each of these scaffolding services require standards to hold them up. Standards are vertical poles or members which run from the base of the scaffolding into the ground, and which result in a completely secure framework all the way to the top.



To help distribute the weight, scaffolding erectors add ledgers which are placed horizontally across the standards. Ledgers function in a similar way to the standards, which are evenly spaced throughout the scaffolding. They can vary in size, depending on the bay length, and they also serve as guardrails or brace components. Ledgers or cross-braces can be diagonally fitted to maintain a sturdy structure for workers at your Dartford site.



Transoms are used to support the boards for workers to navigate across the scaffolding freely. Transoms also ensure standards remain in an upright, rigid position. Scaffolding erectors attach transoms above ledgers to strengthen the overall frame at 90° angles.

Benefits of Scaffolding Hire

Now that you know some of the key components which can be included in the construction of your scaffolding hire package, discover how you can take advantage of our scaffolding services. Here are some of the benefits which make Ability Scaffolding one of the most highly-regarded scaffolding companies in the Dartford area:


  • Easier renovations and repairs at residential and commercial properties
  • Provides access for both interior and exterior refurbishment projects
  • Scaffolding erectors carry out full assembly and deconstruction
  • Fast and friendly scaffolding services with same-day and emergency callouts
  • We serve customers in Dartford, as well as Kent and Central London
  • All designs are available, from supported and suspended to mobile scaffolding
  • Free quotations and advice on scaffolding hire with competitive prices

Are you looking for scaffolding companies in Dartford or the surrounding area? Call our scaffolding hire experts on 01322 618 666 for domestic and commercial services.