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Safety Inspections for Scaffolding Hire in Eltham

The fully-qualified team at Ability Scaffolding focuses on the health and safety of your workforce when setting up scaffolding hire equipment at your property in Eltham. All our scaffolding erectors are CITB-trained, which is the industry-recognised training centre for all UK scaffolding companies. You can rely on our scaffolding services to be assembled and thoroughly inspected throughout the hire period.


Initial Site Surveys


Scaffolding companies carry out site surveys, which are arranged with Eltham clients during their initial enquiry. When we visit your domestic or commercial property, our scaffolding hire experts conduct risk assessments to determine if there are any restrictions or hazards which could deter scaffolding frames from being set up.


The scaffolding erectors at Ability Scaffolding look for the following:


  • Ground Conditions – If there are uneven or unstable grounds, suspended or cantilever platforms are ideal workaround solutions
  • Obstructions or Immovable Objects – Any obstacles that prevent scaffolding hire frames from being attached to the ground, walls or roofs
  • Property Access – Scaffolding companies will confirm that our team can access their Eltham site for assembly, inspections and deconstruction duties, especially if the venue is still in use
  • Environmental Hazards – Scaffolding erectors ensure there are no overhanging power lines, public highways, walkways or buildings in the vicinity that could affect scaffolding services


Periodic Inspections


Once scaffolding erectors have assembled your supporting frame, they are required to undertake regular inspections, as part of our dedicated scaffolding services. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 specifies that all equipment needs to be examined by experienced scaffolders or appointed individuals as follows:


  • Following the initial set up and prior to public use
  • Every 7 days during the entire scaffolding hire period
  • If there are any bouts of extreme weather, including heavy rainfall, gale-force winds or storms
  • Site managers need to conduct checks for daily wear and tear during the 7-day increments


Domestic and commercial clients in Eltham can be assured that the skilled technicians we provide carry out scaffolding services to the highest industry standards. Scaffolding companies like us assign scaffolding erectors who are proficient at constructing complex frames to suit your project.


Inspection Reports


Scaffolding companies are required to produce a report after inspecting the scaffolding equipment. Once completed, each report should be kept on site at your Eltham property throughout the course of the scaffolding hire period, and stored on file for up to 3 months.


Scaffolding inspection reports need to contain the following:


  • Dates and times that assessments have been carried out
  • Information about the Eltham property, the client and the scaffolding inspector
  • Details about the scaffolding services used, including the type of scaffolding equipment and structures that are assembled
  • An outline of any structural defects, such as worn scaffolding boards, loose couplers or collapsed temporary roofs
  • An account of how scaffolding erectors have resolved any safety issues and tested the integrity of the platforms, frames and components

To find out more about the health and safety regulations we adhere to, as part of our scaffolding services in Eltham and the nearby areas, call 01322 618 666.