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Scaffolding in Maidstone, Kent and Central London

Is your residential or commercial project in Maidstone ready to be started? If the answer is yes, give Ability Scaffolding a call today! We pride ourselves on being one of the most highly-regarded scaffolding companies in the Kent and Central London areas. Rely on us to sort out the scaffolding hire you need and support your own construction crew.


We will discuss our range of scaffolding services, which include assembly from an experienced team of scaffolding erectors, in person or over the telephone.


Scaffolding companies abide by regulations put forth by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). With this in mind, you should know that our scaffolding erectors in Maidstone are fully qualified to deliver high-end scaffolding services. We have put together a list of things you should know prior to arranging scaffolding hire.

Our Guide to Scaffolding Hire

There is plenty of thought that goes into supplying your Maidstone project with suitable scaffolding hire to meet HSE standards. Scaffolding companies are required to offer a scaffolding design that is both recognised and suitable for your construction project, and to provide trained scaffolding erectors to assemble and dismantle scaffolding equipment.


In order to deliver superior scaffolding services, scaffolding companies will run through the specifications for the project with you. Take a look at the checklist below to see what details you need to share about your Maidstone property or development:


Information from the client about scaffolding hire

  • Discuss important details about the property. Talk about where the construction site is located in Maidstone or the local area and the condition of the grounds that will be supporting the scaffolding frame. It will be useful if you have blueprints of the property so that scaffolding companies are aware of the structure. Blueprints can be used to help you choose the right type of scaffolding hire package
  • Consider any restrictions that scaffolding erectors need to work around. Are there obstructions that could affect scaffolding being assembled or dismantled at your Maidstone site? You may need an elevated scaffolding platform if there are any obstacles in the way! A detailed description with precise measurements will help us to recommend the most suitable scaffolding services from our range
  • Include any additional equipment used for construction. To tailor scaffolding hire to your project, mention the construction materials and machinery you intend to use. This will give you a more targeted choice of the scaffolding services available to you in the Maidstone area, all of which are carried out by our own scaffolding erectors
  • Specify the length of time you need our scaffolding for. Arrange a realistic timeframe for when you require scaffolding hire in order to complete the project profitably. This will help you to manage your work effectively and to keep it inside budget
  • Outline how many workers will be accessing the scaffolding. To avoid any accidents, it is essential to indicate the maximum number of tradesmen our scaffolding needs to support. The welfare of you, your personnel and the public are important to us.


Keep a record of what your Maidstone property development requires and you will receive professional scaffolding services designed especially for you and the project at hand.

Are you looking for scaffolding companies in Maidstone or the surrounding local area? Call our scaffolding hire experts on 01322 618 666 for domestic and commercial services.