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Scaffolding in Sevenoaks for Residential and Commercial Projects

If every construction site looks pretty much the same to you, you’ll be surprised to know there is a wide range of designs to choose from in a scaffolding hire package. To help you pick the type most suitable for your construction project, you will need to rely on scaffolding companies with professional scaffolding erectors.


When it comes to residential or commercial scaffolding services in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas, call Ability Scaffolding and we’ll give you all the advice you need.


We will provide you with a free quotation for scaffolding hire at your home, site or development. We will also discuss the details of the project so we can offer you the most appropriate scaffolding services anywhere in the Sevenoaks area. Discover more about the different structures our skilled scaffolding erectors can put together.

Types of Scaffolding

Supported Scaffolding

  • Single scaffolding (which is also referred to as “bricklayer’s scaffolding”) is ideal for stone and brickworks. As one of the more popular choices available from scaffolding companies, it can be easily assembled by scaffolding erectors in a short space of time
  • Double scaffolding (or “mason’s scaffolding”) is a frame which has a second row attached. Scaffolding services such as these are needed for projects in Sevenoaks with stone walls because it is hard to connect scaffolding to the exterior. To safely support the weight of builders and building materials, double scaffolding acts as a necessary reinforcement when the structure has to stand free from the property under construction
  • Trestle scaffolding hire is ideal when you need a single, elevated platform at your Sevenoaks site to reach heights across a wide surface area. Scaffolding erectors can connect the horizontal platform to the wall, which is balanced at either end by ladder frames generally splayed at 70° angles. The trestle design also incorporates handrails to further enhance safety


Suspended Scaffolding

  • The cantilever structure is recommended by scaffolding companies for constructions and renovations which may be awkwardly located. This is the best choice from our scaffolding services if you need to access areas at height or need to circumvent immovable obstacles. Cantilever or “needle” scaffolding can hang outside windows, free from the ground, if your property in Sevenoaks is oddly shaped
  • Mostly associated with cleaning windows, trestle scaffolding hire is a suspended platform that can be raised and lowered. It also can be used for painting, decorating and general property restoration or maintenance projects


Steel scaffolding

  • Typically made of tubular galvanised steel, this scaffolding material is durable and can be fitted to the exact measurements you require. Not only is steel tubular scaffolding adjustable, it is also quick to build and deconstruct afterwards by our scaffolding erectors in Sevenoaks. This type of scaffolding hire can be used for both supported and suspended scaffolding jobs


Mobile Scaffolding

  • For easy manoeuvrability from site to site, this is a scaffolding structure with a lightweight frame on wheels. Mobile scaffolding services save you time when you need to transport building tools, materials and the framework to provide access on the next job. Mobile scaffolding is portable and sturdy in stationary mode

Looking for scaffolding companies in Sevenoaks or the surrounding area? Call our reliable scaffolding erectors on 01322 618 666 for domestic and commercial services.